Thank you for taking the time to visit my website site.  I have been a practicing attorney and helping a wide variety of clients since 1996.  I am licensed in Maryland, the District of Columbia and New York.

Unlike other lawyers you may have encountered, I have followed a more nontraditional path.  I rejected the life of a big time law firm to focus on more personal interaction – one on one contact with clients.  Rather than dragging clients through endless paperwork and long drawn out confrontation with prospective adversaries, my first goal as always been to address their needs directly and immediately.

I have had extensive experience in handling a wide variety of cases, including business, corporate, tax, personal injury, family, wills and estates and insurance negotiations.  No matter what the case is, I work tirelessly with my clients in preparing for their needs and secure their best outcome.   While I do try to help the client achieve their goals in an expedient manner, I also know that sometimes the other side will try to push through their own agenda at my client’s expenses.  When faced with unreasonable opposition. I have never backed down and will always fight to get the best possible result for my clients.

In addition, because of my entrepreneurial background (see below), I have created a large network for other attorneys in the greater DC, MD and VA  area with whom I work one on one with to assist with intricate matters that may be beyond my area of practice.  To achieve my ultimate goal of serving my clients, these lawyers are on hand in every aspect and area of law to make sure that all of my clients’ needs are covered.

I offer free consultations and am easily accessible to clients.


When I arrived to Washington D.C. in 1995 – what I considered the “Lawyer Capitol of the World” – is was very disheartening to see the number of lawyers and law firms whose primary purpose was centered around “billable hours” and interpersonal relationships.

As fate would have it, I had an idea for a small investment that became a big part of my life today.   In 1996, I formed a Friday night promotion at a local nightclub.  I called it DECADES.   Decades had multiple levels of dance floors, each focusing on a different style of music from a different decade.     The best thing about Decades was the clientele.   I spent many hours creating an environment for young professionals from all different backgrounds and professions to meet and mingle and get away from the rigors of daily work life in the greater D.C. area.

In 1999, I because a group called THINGS TO DO DC (  Rather than focusing on nightclubs, I began to focus on focusing on the social and professional networking opportunities of young professionals throughout the D.C. area.  Each week, I would host a multitude of events at venues throughout the city.   One of my proudest accomplishments was developing, where each week I have worked with ambassadors and other diplomats from over 100 embassies to create relationships between the international community and the local young professional community.